4th June

BPS Congress "Cracking Bones and Painful joints"

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  23 May 2016
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RIZIV Accreditation has been approved for 6,5 credit points as follows:
Plenary session (morning) for 4,5 CP (Ref 16004744)
- Workshops (afternoon) for 2 CP (Ref 16004740)



Annual award of the Belgian Pain Society 2016

The Annual BPS Award focuses on clinical research and will be accompanied by EUR 5000.
For application details, see BPS Award 2016 Application.
Submissions should be sent before 1st April 2016 to BPS Office, c/o Conny Goethals via info@belgianpainsociety.org.


Cefaly Prize of Belgian Brain Council (BBC)

The BBC announces the Cefaly Technology Prize of EUR15.000 for research in basic and/or clinical neurosciences. Each BPS member can apply being a BCC member. Deadline for submission; April 30, 2016.
More info and application form via http://www.belgianbraincouncil.be/application


IASP - 2016 Global year against Pain in the joints
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Annual award of the Belgian Pain Society 2015

The annual research prize of the Belgian Pain Society was attributed this year to Prof. Joris Vriens. Dr. Vriens is assistant professor in the Dept of Oran Systems and Head of the lab for Gynaecology & Experimental Obstetrics at the KU Leuven. His work entitled "TRPM3 as a target for treatment of inflammatory pain” represents a proof-of-concept, extending on his earlier work and illustrates the role of TRPM3 as a nociceptor in the somatosensory system. The results of this ongoing and very promising study highlight TRPM3 as a potential target for the development of new clinical applications/treatment on humans.

BPS Award 2015

Read following press release on BPS Congress 2015 by Mediquality:
in French
in Dutch


Belgian Brain Ambassadors Day

17 March 2015
Click here for more information


EFIC - Fondazione IBSA - Publication award 2014
More information: http://www.efic.org/index.asp?sub=613A7792Ch9q1B


EFIC - APPEAL (Advancing the Provision of Pain Education and Learning)



IASP - 2015 Global year against neuropathic pain


Change Pain education

NL - PAIN EDUCATION houdt zorgverleners continu up-to-date met de laatst bijgewerkte wetenschappelijke informatie over chronische pijn. Dat stelt hen in staat om hun kennis te verhogen en betere resultaten rond pijnbehandeling te verkrijgen. 

Doorloop de eCME modules geaccrediteerd op Belgisch (BPS) en Europees niveau (UEMS-EACCME) waar u op een ontspannende manier bijleert. De opleidingen zijn beschikbaar via een beveiligde website. Ga naar www.change-pain.be en klik op “PAIN EDUCATION” om toegang te krijgen.

FR - PAIN EDUCATION est un programme qui fournit aux professionnels de la santé des informations scientifiques sur la douleur chronique. Ils pourront ainsi favoriser de meilleurs résultats dans le domaine de la prise en charge de la douleur. 

Améliorez vos connaissances de manière ludique et parcourez les modules d’eCME accrédités au niveau belge (BPS) et européen (UEMS-EACCME). Les formations sont disponibles via un site internet sécurisé. Pour y accéder, surfez sur www.change-pain.be et cliquez sur "PAIN EDUCATION".

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