Belgian Pain Society (BPS)

The Belgian Pain Society, Belgian chapter of the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP) and the European Pain Federation (EFIC),  is a multidisciplinary scientific association which brings together medical and non-medical professionals involved in the management of chronic and acute pain. The goal of our association is to support education for the treatment of pain, stimulate pain research, improve patient care by creating a network optimized for the correct pain management, and participate in the public health care.

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FMS Colloquium 2021

Fibromyalgie: quelles réflexions et recommandations en Belgique à partir de l’expertise collective de l’Inserm en France

This one-day colloquium is​ co-organized by the Belgian Pain Society (BPS), the Institute of Neuroscience & the Faculté des Sciences de la Motricité of UCLouvain, the Pôle expertise collective Inserm, the CHU UCL Namur site Godinne centre multidisciplinaire douleur chronique and FOCUS Fibromyalgie Belgique.

BPS Annual Scientific Congress - 05/12/2020 - via Webinar

Due to Covid-19 the BPS Congress 2020 will be organized as an online webinar.
Topic: "Chronic pain: primary, secondary & tertiary prevention".

BPS Young Researchers Day

The Belgian Pain Society organised successfully its first BPS Young Researchers Day on "The Next Generation of Pain Research" at UCLouvain, Brussels.

Annual Award of the Belgian Pain Society 2019

The winner of the research prize is Dr Camille Vanderclausen (UCL). The paper by Dr. Vanderclausen
focuses the interaction between somatotopic and spatiotopic representation of nociceptive stimuli.


Call for application : BPS Award 2021

For the year 2021, the BPS Award will focus on basic science. This annual award aims to recognize and foster the scientific work of a junior researcher in the field of pain. The Award will be presented on the occasion of the Annual Scientific Meeting of the Belgian Pain Society on 4th December 2021. Applications can be submitted until 08/10/2021.

EFIC on the Move

The theme for 2017-2020 is ‘EFIC On the Move’ focusing on the importance of physical activity in preventing primary and secondary pain. Physical activity has well known health benefits including a reduced risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and improved mental health. What is less well known is that greater levels of physical activity and exercise are also associated with a lower risk of developing chronic pain.

BPS President

The Belgian Pain Society is pleased to inform you that André Mouraux is the new President
of the Belgian Pain Society. Prof Mouraux is an MD, PhD, neurologist, Professor at the Faculty
of Medicine and President of the Institute of Neuroscience (IONS) at UCLouvain.

BPS Annual Scientific Congress 2022

Annual Scientific Congress 2022, 'Life with a Back'

European Pain Federation: Health Literacy 'Plain Talking' Campaign and the 'Plain Talking' Survey

The survey will help the working group understand the needs and the challenges of people living with pain and will set the basis of the campaign for the next few months.

BPS Congress 2020

BPS Annual Scientific Congress - Bluepoint Brussels
Topic: "Chronic pain: primary, secondary & tertiary prevention"

IASP 2020 Global Year "Prevention of Pain: primary, secondary & tertiary

This year's theme of the IASP focuses on disseminating pain prevention strategies to researchers, clinicians, and patients.