5th December 2020



BPS Annual Scientific Congress - via Webinar 

(due to Covid-19 the BPS Congress will not take place
in Bluepoint Brussels; i
nstead a webinar will be organised.)

-> Topic: "Chronic pain: primary, secondary
& tertiary prevention"

Registration is mandatory but free. 
Registration link will be available as from the 
end of October 2020.

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5th March 2020

The Belgian Pain Society organised successfully its first BPS
Young Researchers Day on 'The Next Generation of Pain Research" 
in UCLouvain, Brussels.
For program, see 

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IASP - 2020
Global year 'Prevention of Pain: 
Primary, Secondary & Tertiary"

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The Belgian Pain Society is pleased to inform you that André Mouraux is the new President 
of the Belgian Pain Society. Prof Mouraux is an MD, PhD, neurologist, Professor at the Faculty
of Medicine and President of the Institute of Neuroscience (IONS) at UCLouvain.

He heads a multidisciplinary research group exploring pain perception in humans (

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The BPS Annual Scientific Congress on PAIN IN VULNERABLE POPULATIONS
took place on 18 May 2019. 
The congress program can be viewed here


Annual Award of the Belgian Pain Society 2019 

The winner of the research prize is Dr Camille Vanderclausen (UCL). The paper by Dr. Vanderclausen
focuses the interaction between somatotopic and spatiotopic representation of nociceptive stimuli.
The jury was impressed by the clear design of the study contrasting normal subjects with a group of
early blinds in an experiment exploring locating a threatening stimulus in its environment.
In an easily understandable paradigm, it could be concluded that the way we perceive nociceptive
stimuli is shaped by early visual experience. Dr Vanderclausen presented shortly her work
at the Annual Scientific Congress on Saturday 18th May 2019 and won EUR 5000.

BPS Award Winner2019


New release !!


Handboek pijnrevalidatie te koop via

For more info see: Handboek pijnrevalidatie



IASP 2019

 IASP Global Year 2019 Logo Final 


The BPS congress 2018 on "Pain Education" took place on 9th June in Bluepoint. 
Please click here to view the congress program. 

Presentations and abstracts are available for BPS Members only
(login via this site). 



Annual award of the Belgian Pain Society 2018

The winner of the research prize is Mr Dimitri Van Ryckeghem (University of Gent and University of Luxemburg).
Mr Van Ryckeghem's paper 'Task interference and distraction efficacy in patients with fibromyalgia' -
'An experimental investigation' focuses on a potentially reduced top-down control over pain in
fibromyalgia patients. In a controlled study, it was shown that task performance of the FM patients
is slower compared to controls, but that there was no difference in the magnitude of the interference-
and distractions efficacy. In conclusion the theory that attention modulates pain experience was
confirmed, but no evidence was found for an altered attention processing of pain in FM patients.
Mr Van Ryckeghem presented his work shortly at the congress on 9th June 2018 and won EUR5000.

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IASP - 2018 Global year for excellence
in pain education 

Global Year 2018 CMYK


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BePPA Pocket book 'Prise en charge de la douleur chez l'enfant' 2018 deuxième édition

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Image Congress 2017

BPS Annual Scientific Congress, Saturday 10th June 2017 - Bluepoint Centre 
Post-operative pain: An (un)resolved issue? 
Pain to be solved together!


Annual award of the Belgian Pain Society 2017

The winner of the research prize is Mr Simon Desiderio, ULB. Mr Desiderio is studying the molecular mechanisms of sensory neurogenesis in the mouse. The obtained results revealed an important novel player controlling the differentiation of the neurons that are specialized in pain perception. Mr Desiderio presented his work shortly at the congress on 10th June 2017 and won EUR5000.

The work by Mr Desiderio has been published in 2019 in the journal Cell Reports - you can reach it via: 

IMG 2335



IASP - 2017 Global year against pain after surgery

2017 GY Congress Logo




Annual award of the Belgian Pain Society 2016

The winner of the research prize is Dr Giulia Liberati (UCL). Dr Liberati briefly presented her work on “Pain-related gamma-band oscillations in the human insula”, at the BPS Congress on 4th June 2016 and won EUR5000.


IASP - 2016 Global year against Pain in the joints
JointPainLogo IASP PrintFinal 100



Annual award of the Belgian Pain Society 2015

The annual research prize of the Belgian Pain Society was attributed this year to Prof. Joris Vriens. Dr. Vriens is assistant professor in the Dept of Oran Systems and Head of the lab for Gynaecology & Experimental Obstetrics at the KU Leuven. His work entitled "TRPM3 as a target for treatment of inflammatory pain” represents a proof-of-concept, extending on his earlier work and illustrates the role of TRPM3 as a nociceptor in the somatosensory system. The results of this ongoing and very promising study highlight TRPM3 as a potential target for the development of new clinical applications/treatment on humans.

BPS Award 2015

Read following press release on BPS Congress 2015 by Mediquality:
in French
in Dutch


EFIC - APPEAL (Advancing the Provision of Pain Education and Learning) 


EFIC - Fondazione IBSA - Publication award 2014
More information:


Change Pain education

NL - PAIN EDUCATION houdt zorgverleners continu up-to-date met de laatst bijgewerkte wetenschappelijke informatie over chronische pijn. Dat stelt hen in staat om hun kennis te verhogen en betere resultaten rond pijnbehandeling te verkrijgen. 

Doorloop de eCME modules geaccrediteerd op Belgisch (BPS) en Europees niveau (UEMS-EACCME) waar u op een ontspannende manier bijleert. De opleidingen zijn beschikbaar via een beveiligde website. Ga naar en klik op “PAIN EDUCATION” om toegang te krijgen.

FR - PAIN EDUCATION est un programme qui fournit aux professionnels de la santé des informations scientifiques sur la douleur chronique. Ils pourront ainsi favoriser de meilleurs résultats dans le domaine de la prise en charge de la douleur. 

Améliorez vos connaissances de manière ludique et parcourez les modules d’eCME accrédités au niveau belge (BPS) et européen (UEMS-EACCME). Les formations sont disponibles via un site internet sécurisé. Pour y accéder, surfez sur et cliquez sur "PAIN EDUCATION".


Annual award of the Belgian Pain Society 2017
Application can be downloaded here. Prize: EUR 5000

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