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Belgian Pain Society
Young Researchers Day 2023

The next generation in pain research

When : Sat 22/04/2023

Where : Aula Ghent University in the beautiful city center of Ghent

Witness novelties in pain research. An afternoon full of hot topic debates, oral lectures, poster walks, presenter awards, networking activities and much more!


Attending the conference is free, but a registration is required.

You can receive ProQKine accreditation (10 points) or accreditation for RIZIV/INAMI (Nationale Vergadering). The congress is also registered as an activity of the FNRS doctoral school of neuroscience, so PhD students from French-speaking universities will be able to receive credits for their participation.


Thank you to Grünenthal for the sponsorship

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Scientific program 


Registration (possibility to check power point presentation and to install posters) + coffee/tea


Welcome by the host institution (Prof. Dr Jessica Van Oosterwijck), the President of the Belgian Pain Society (Prof. Dr André Mouraux), the Scientific Organizing Committee (Drs Elise Cnockaert)


Oral presentations (2 parallel sessions)

Parallel session 1

Moderator : Dr Emma Rheel

Interhemispheric asymmetry of visual evoked potentials underlies crossmodal interaction between nociception and vision (Monika Halicka, UCLouvain)


Virtual Reality Hypnosis reduces neural and subjective pain perceptions

(Panda Rajanikant, ULiège)

Cytokine expression in cancer survivors suffering from chronic pain: A systematic review

(Amber De Groote, UAntwerpen)

Early prognostic factors in complex regional pain syndrome: a 1-year Belgian prospective longitudinal observational study

(Marc-Henri Louis, UCLouvain)

Sleep characteristics in people with chronic spinal pain and comorbid insomnia: a cross-sectional study

(Thomas Bilterys, VUB)

Pain cognitions, Sex, Pain Pressure Thresholds, and Pain Intensity as Mediators of Disability and Quality of Life in People with Chronic Musculoskeletal Spinal Pain

(Wouter Van Bogaert, VUB)

Footwear and Exercise for Knee Osteoarthritis (FiREwORK Trial)

(Paolo Dainese, UGent)

Parallel session 2

Moderator : Dr Lore Dams

Conventional compared to cooled radiofrequency ablation of the genicular nerves for chronic knee pain: the 12-month results of the COCOGEN trial

(Amy Belba, UHasselt)


Low load and high load exercise improve paraspinal muscle morphology, disability and pain in people with low back pain: a systematic review with meta-analysis

(Sofie Dierckx, KULeuven)

The effect of perceived injustice targeted pain neuroscience education among breast cancer survivors: a protocol for a randomized controlled trial

(Eva Roose, VUB)

Employees and healthcare professionals’ experiences and perspectives on the secondary back pain prevention program in Belgium

(Lisa Bernaers, UGent)

Multimodal patient-centered teleprehabilitation for women with breast cancer: a protocol for a feasibility study

(Kenza Mostaqim, VUB)

The effectiveness of paramedical interventions or rehabilitation programmes to improve work participation in patients with chronic spinal pain after spinal surgery: a systematic review

(Jonas Callens, VUB)

FAn interdisciplinary multimodal integrative healthcare program for somatic symptom disorder with predominant (spinal) pain

(Jaap Wijnen, UGent)


Lunch and Coffee + Poster Viewing (optional)


Networking Event


Poster presentations (parallel poster walks)

Moderators: Drs Thibaut Vanneste, Dr Amiinata Bicego, Drs Anthe Foubert, Drs Delia Dela Porta


Multidisciplinary hot topic debate

Quantitative sensory testing, what's in a name?

Dr Elise Cnockaert


Introduction to the debate + voting explanation


Keynote presentation 1 : Dr Evy Dhondt

Quantitative sensory testing from a research perspective

15.20 - 15.35

Keynote presentation 2 : Drs. Vincent Haenen

Alternative pain measurements for QST in clinical practice: do's and don'ts

15.35 - 16.05

Discussion + voting


Closing and awards ceremony

Drs Elise Cnockaert, Dr Lore Dams


Hot topic debate

Quantitative sensory testing, what's in a name?

Moderator : Dr Aminata Bicego

Keynote presentation 1

Dr Evy Dhondt

Quantitative sensory testing from a research perspective

Screenshot 2023-03-07 at 07.33.57.png

Evy Dhondt (born on January 4, 1991) graduated in 2014 as a Master of Science in Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy – Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy with Musculoskeletal Afflictions – at Ghent University. In October 2014 she started working as a PhD researcher at Ghent University within the Spine, Head and Pain Research Unit Ghent. Evy (co-)authored 8 publications in international peer-reviewed journals and presented her research at several national and international conferences. Next to her scientific work, Evy taught practical physiotherapy classes at the department of Rehabilitation Sciences. After obtaining her PhD in Health Sciences

in 2021 she remained affiliated with Ghent University as a voluntary post-doctoral researcher. In October 2021 she started working as the national database manager/coordinator of the Belgian Cerebral Palsy Register (BeCPR vzw/asbl). Evy is also a member of the international research group Pain in Motion.

Keynote presentation 2

Drs. Vincent Haenen

Alternative pain measurements for QST in clinical practice: do's and don'ts

Screenshot 2023-03-07 at 07.33_edited.jpg

Vincent Haenen is a doctoral researcher at the Antwerp University and KU Leuven. His research focusses on the evaluation of pain in breast cancer survivors and he has a particular interest into everything concerning communication and pain. Prior to his research career, he worked five years as a physiotherapist, both in Belgium and abroad. Additionally, he followed several courses and obtained his diploma in osteopathy.

previous edition

Previous editions

In March 2020, a successful first edition of the BPS Young Researchers Day was organised at UCLouvain (Brussels).

Organizing committee


Belgian Pain Society (BPS)
André Mouraux (president of the BPS board)
Conny Goethals (BPS office)

Jessica Van Oosterwijk

Associate Professor at Ghent University - Department of Rehabilitation Sciences. Representative from the host institution Ghent University.

Research interests: central nervous system mechanisms of pain and fatigue, exercise pathophysiology, pain-motor interactions, pain-stress interactions and rehabilitation in healthy people and in chronic pain populations

Elise Cnockaert

Physiotherapist at the Pain Center AZ Sint-Lucas Gent, and PhD researcher at Ghent University – Department of Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy.

Research interest: Chronic pain, multimodal interdisciplinary pain treatment, nociplastic pain, central sensitization

Thomas Matheve

Visiting Professor at Spine, Head and Pain Research Unit, Ghent University; Postdoc at Faculty of Rehabilitation Sciences, Hasselt University.

Research interests: low back pain, sensorimotor control, influence of pain-related psychological factors on movement behaviour

Emma Rheel

Postdoctoral researcher from the Pain in Motion (PAIN) research group at the Department of Physiotherapy, Human Physiology and Anatomy, Vrije Universiteit Brussel.

Research interests: pain science education, parental responses, pain memories, pain in children, childhood cancer

Thibault Vanneste

Anesthesiologist/Pain physician at Ziekenhuis Oost-Limburg Genk and MUMC+ Maastricht, and PhD researcher at Maastricht University.

Research interest: pain in knee osteoarthritis, persistent post-surgical pain after total knee arthroplasty, radiofrequency treatment for chronic pain.

Anthe Foubert

PhD researcher at the University of Antwerp - Department of Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy and UCLouvain - Faculty of Motor Skills Sciences.

Research interest: the biopsychosocial assessment of joint pain in people with haemophilia.

Aminata Bicego

Neuropsychologist and postdoctoral researcher at the Sensation and Perception Research Group - GIGA Consciousness - University of Liège.

Research interests: consciousness, non-ordinary states of consciousness self-induced (e.g. hypnosis, trance) and pharmacologically induced (i.e., psychedelics), and pain.

Lore Dams

Postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy, University of Antwerp and Physiotherapist oncological rehabilitation UZ Leuven, campus Gasthuisberg.

Research interest: cancer-treatment) induced pain and neuropathies, pain science education, physical activity during and after oncological treatment

Delia Della Porta

PhD researcher at the Institute of Neuroscience of the UCLouvain.

Research interest: Central sensitization, secondary hyperalgesia, top-down and bottom-up attentional modulation.

Marlies Colman

PhD researcher and medical doctor at the Center for Medical Genetics at the Ghent University Hospital (department of biomolecular medicine).

Research interest: heritable connective tissue disorders, role of the extracellular matrix in chronic pain, rheumatology



The 2023 edition of the BPS Young Researchers Day will be held at Aula Ghent University.


Volderstraat 9, 9000 Gent

Easily accessible by public transport (train + tram 1), bike or by foot

If you come by car, pay attention because the Aula is situated in a LEZ-zone.

Parking nearby (paid):

Center Parking (180m)

Parking Kouter (350m)

Parking Sint-Michiels (350m)

Parking Reep (500m)



Presenter guidelines

Download the poster walk time table

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