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The BPS (Belgian Pain Society) has become the standard bearer of pain treatment according to the Bio - Psycho - Social model.
This means that she fully supports the pain team of a hospital, which in collaboration with the general practitioner will not only address the organic aspect of the pain (belly, back, head, etc.), but also the interaction and influence on the mind and the social aspect.
Many hospitals already work in this way in collaboration with one or more clinical psychologist (s), pain specialist nurse (s), physiotherapist (s), occupational therapist (s), social worker (s) and various other disciplines (physiotherapy-revalidation, neurology, neurosurgery, orthopedics, etc.).
Since July 2013, the Federal Public Health Service has been funding a multidisciplinary algological team in all Belgian hospitals, the mission of which is to develop pain-fighting strategies, mainly aimed at hospitalized patients. In addition, 35 hospitals have been able to develop a multidisciplinary center for chronic pain which also receives patients on an outpatient basis.
An interdisciplinary approach to chronic pain, where you (as a patient with your history and the results of the clinical evaluation) are paramount, remains the pillar of good pain treatment.
This allows you to try to prevent your pain from becoming chronic or, if the pain is already well established, to improve your quality of daily life.
By clicking, you would have the list of multidisciplinary centers recognized by the FPS Public Health.
We wish you luck with your treatment.