Professional Interest Groups (PIGs)

Professional Interest Groups (PIG) of the Belgian Pain Society (BPS) provide the opportunity to carry on intensive, in-depth discussion in certain areas of interest. Several PIGs (nurses, psychologs) are currently under development. If you would like to establish a new Professional Interest Group, please contact a member of the board.

Members of a PIG have access to the members-only part of the BPS website. The community builder that is connected to this members-only part allows to create private groups. You will be able to discuss certain topics and exchange documents with the members of your group.


Groupe des Infirmier(e)s Francophones Douleur

Groupe des Infirmier(e)s Francophones Douleur


Groupe Régional Interdisciplinaire Douleur

Association francophone belge des médecins actifs dans l’évaluation et le traitement de la douleur (algologues).​

PIG Psychologen (Nl)

Vlaamse Pijnpsychologen

Vereniging van de Vlaamse Pijnpsychologen, welke actief zijn in Vlaamse Multidisciplinaire Pijncentra en Multidisciplinaire Algologische Teams

PIG Revalidatie (Nl)

PIG Revalidatie (Nl)

PIG Kinesitherapie-ergotherapie

PIG Verpleegkundigen (Nl)


Vereniging van de Vlaamse pijnverpleegkundigen

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