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Special Interest Groups (SIGs) of the BPS

Special interest Groups have been developed by the International Association for the Study of Pain as a consequence of developments in pain research and patient care. As the knowledge base expands, it becomes more and more important for clinicians and researchers with specific interests to have a forum to discuss highly specific issues in depth. A Special Interest Group (SIG) provides participating members with an opportunity to carry on intensive, multidisciplinary, in-depth discussion in certain areas of interest.

The Belgian Pain Society wishes to promote the development of SIGs in Belgium and will offer support to those interested. Several SIGs are currently under development. If you would like to establish a new Special Interest Group, please contact a member of the board. 

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SIG MATO: Multidisciplinaire pijnteams Oost-en West-Vlaanderen.

Het MATO is anno 2023 opgericht om de werking tussen en binnen de verschillende ziekenhuizen te uniformiseren en professionaliseren. Twaalf ziekenhuizen uit Oost- en West-Vlaanderen nemen actief deel aan de overlegmomenten en dragen bij tot een betere samenwerking. 

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Zorgverleners op zoek naar oplossingen voor de pijn en angst bij kinderen.
Professionnels du soin à la recherche de solutions pour la douleur et la peur des enfants

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SIG MATA : Multidisciplinaire Algologische Teams Antwerpen

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